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About Avalon

With an experienced staff and hundreds of successful deployments, Avalon’s sole focus is helping clients solve their unique IT business challenges with a refreshing, customer-friendly approach to projects of all sizes.

Our technical sales reps have worked in IT departments and understand real world data center complexities. We are dedicated to knowing your business and anticipating your needs. We accomplish this by:

We leverage our unparalleled service into client business solutions that return value through simplicity and technological superiority. And, with our purchasing power and implementation know-how, bringing Avalon onboard can often lower overall project costs. Ultimately, it’s the client’s success that is our one and only true benchmark.

That’s why we have so many recognizable clients, clients like the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Guardian Industries, and the Lakeland Regional Health System. We think they’ll tell you how good we are. But we’d rather tell you ourselves, and, more importantly, show you why.



In 2002, Avalon was founded on a simple premise – IT professionals who have worked on both the data center and consulting side are better equipped to understand different IT environments and the optimal product configurations that work best in each.  We are collaborators, not sales people.  We are authentic, approachable and highly responsive.

Avalon is a proud 100% Dell Partner.  As a Dell Partner, Avalon has an inside track on the latest hardware, software and services that help eliminate IT complexity for customers while gaining greater efficiencies in performance and cost. It really can be that simple.

Avalon’s Innovation Center is our hot-bed of activity. Internally, we use the center to create and replicate client environments, to test and validate strategies that can later be implemented for the client. Externally, our Innovation Center offers a robust schedule of IT training and workshops throughout the year showcasing Avalon’s solutions.  We use these training sessions to help clients maximize their investment and utilize industry best practices.




Dedication to our clients

Respect for our partners

Continuous product and service innovation


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1 (800) 720-3811

1 (800) 720-3811