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Even with constant demand from students and faculty for greater online access, collaboration and data resources, IT initiatives at many educational institutions are challenged by a number of factors that are both budgetary and strategic.

Why? Because educational institutions often have different demands than other businesses.  The need for cost effective, scalable solutions that allow students and administrators access while controlling threats to security is critical – especially in an environment where student users are often tempted to download illegal or undesirable software consuming bandwidth and increasing the threat of viruses and other malicious attacks.

Administratively, most schools operate on a shoestring budget with limited personnel support to manage too many systems.   It’s easy to become overwhelmed.  Fortunately, Avalon specializes in user-friendly education solutions that allow student access while controlling threats to security.

Avalon is a trusted data-center partner for many educational institutions from K-12 through higher education.  In fact, we recently completed an award-winning implementation for a major Michigan school district.  We’ll be happy to share the program with you.


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1 (800) 720-3811

1 (800) 720-3811